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1997 | nr 490 | 5--17
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Zagadnienia optymalnego wyboru w poglądach na rolę państwa we współczesnej gospodarce

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Problems of Optimal Choice and the Economic Role of Government in Present Day Economy
Języki publikacji
Autorka przedstawiła opisane w literaturze ekonomicznej współczesne poglądy na rolę państwa w gospodarce, polegające na analizie optymalizacji funkcjonowania różnych mechanizmów gospodarczych.
Government intervention and the proper role of the state activity in present day economy has been a central issue in economic theory and policy since the mid 1970s. This is connected with wordwide worsening economic performance in last two decades, which, in prevailing opinions, can be attributed to the hypertrophic and low efficient state activity as contributed to the so called "crises" of mixed economy. This stimulated a broad discussion, among economists and politicians, how to improve general performance of the economy considering present economic, social and political conditions. Among emerging new concepts and theories there was analysed an approach evaluating the proper role of government from the point of view of optimality of two existing systems, i.e. from the point of view of optimal economic choice, as particulary important and useful account for present problems. It concentrates on critical analysis of both mechanisms of allocation - market and the state as complementary elements of mixed economy. Analysis implies that optimal proportions of market and government are not easy to establish for optimal economic policies since both mechanism of allocation have failures and a choice - between market and state is a choice between imperfect alternatives. Special attention was paid to "nonmarket failures", revealing weaknesses of the present state intervention. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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