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1998 | nr 134 | 201
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Odpowiedzialność za produkt

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Product Liability
Języki publikacji
Przedstawiono podstawy prawne odpowiedzialności za produkt w systemach prawnych USA, Wielkiej Brytanii, Niemiec, Austrii, Francji, Szwajcarii oraz międzynarodowe konwencje i dyrektywy UE regulujące tę problematykę. Na tym tle autorka omówiła polskie podstawy prawne odpowiedzialności za produkt "de lege lata" i "de lege ferenda".
Product liability is a specific form of civil liability for damages caused by the defects which make a product dangerous to the environment. The development of the market economy, and free competition in particular, mechanization and automatization of production are some of the causes of the fact that on the market there are lots of products which have not been thoroughly tested, with defects threatening man's life and health. These defects generally cause the so-called damage to person in a form of death or injury. The injured persons can be buyers, members of their families, guests or accidental persons, for example passangers or passers-by. A contemporary seller is not able to check the safety of all the marketed products as they are usually factory-packed or they have a very complicated construction. That is why it is a producer and an importer that are held responsible. As these entrepreneurs generally are not bound by contract with the aggrieved person, at first the solution to the problem of product liability was to "extend the contractual regime (to look for a contract where, in a classical interpretation, it does not exist). Only some time later that liability was put in the delictual regime. Product liability is regulated by the EU law and the internal legal systems of its members. In connection with the efforts of Poland to join the European Union, legislation works are carried on aimed at the harmonization of our law with the requirements of the Union, also in respect of product liability which the Polish law does not clearly regulates. Thus, the subject of the dissertation - "Product Liability - is theoretically and practically justified. The dissertation consists of four chapters preceded by an introduction, and ends with the author's product liability bill. In Chapter One the legal bases of product liability in the U.S.A.. Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and other selected legal systems, as well as international regulations, are presented. Most attention is given to the development of product liability in the U.S.A. as the jurisdiction of that country has worked out the solutions becoming a model for international and internal legal regulations regarding product liability. With respect to the international regulations concerning product liability, the author discusses the Hague Convention of October 2, 1973 (the problems pertaining to private international law are not dealt with in the dissertation), giving more attention to the Strasbourg Convention of January 27, 1977 and the genesis of the passage of Directive 85/374 of July 25, 1985 on the unification of legal and administrative regulations of the EU members regarding the liability tor detective products. The member countries of the European Union have harmonized (except France) their laws with the requirements of that Directive, which should be a standard also for a Polish legislator. Because of that in Chapter Two Directive 85/374 and its effects on internai legal systems are discussed. The author presents the regulations contained in that legal act concerning: manufacturer, injured person, product, product defect, damage, and other issues concerning concurrence of rules, contribution to the damage, burden of proof, casual nexus, joint responsibility of debtors, recurrent counterclaims, reasons for exoneration, expiration of the liability and limitation of the claims. The last fragment of Chapter Two is to show the effects of Directive 85/374 on the internal legislation of individual countries. Chapter Three deals with de lege lata product liability in the Polish law. For lack of a clear legal solution the Polish judicature and representatives of the science of law point to different legal bases of that liability. In Chapter Three the following bases of product liability are presented: contractual liability, on general principles, together with the proposed in the doctrine conceptions of "extending the contract; specific compensatory contractual liability accompanying the exercise of the right resulting from the warranty that the products are free from physical defects, and from quality guarantee, and at last - the delictual liability. Most attention is given to the elements of product liability set in the delictual regime, and especially in: tortious act (introduction into the market of defective products, dangerous to the environment), liable person and injured person, fault as the principle of delictual product liability, premises of delictual product liability (burden of proof, defect, damage, casual nexus). The author also presents other issues which are of importance for delictual product liability, such as concurrence of claims, admissibility of contractual exemption of ex delicto liability, and limitation of claims. So far in the Polish law product liability has been predominantly considered to be delictual liability based on the principle of fault. Chapter Four, the last one, deals with de lege ferenda product liability in the Polish legal system. The author presents the proposals, brought forward in the doctrine, regarding the regulation in the Polish law of product liability, and successive draft bills: that concerning the inclusion of product liability in the civil code, individual versions of the bills regulating consumers' rights, including product liability. The author also mentions the bill of the Codification Commission of August 1997 which returns to the conception of including product liability in the civil code. Being of the opinion that the harmonization of the Polish law with the requirements of the European Union as regards product liability can be obtained by a separate act dealing exclusively with that issue, the author ends the dissertation with the presentation of her own draft bill. (original abstract)
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