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2008 | nr 23 | 240--260
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Polityka gospodarcza Chin wobec Afryki

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Chinese Economie Policy towards Africa
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Przedstawiono historię kontaktów między Afryką i Chinami. Omówiono uwarunkowania gospodarczej współpracy między Chinami i Afryką.
The significance of China in the world economy is steadily increasing. Making use of the domestic economic prosperity, the Chinese transfer higher and higher amounts in form of economic assistance, mainly to the African countries. China, up to recently a major recipient of the development assistance, having at the disposal large cash surpluses is becoming the most important donor for the African continent. The Chinese assistance is willingly accepted by leaders of the African countries, because there are no liabilities required in return. Contrary to Western countries, China does not make its economic assistance dependent on the settlement of political issues (i.e. democratisation and observation of human rights), economic reforms or the environmental protection. The economic assistance has become a specific gate, through which China gains influence in Africa, taking over control of rich fields of natural resources, in particular of crude oil. This policy turns to be very effective and contributes to the maintenance of the high economic growth in China. The trade cooperation of China, the engine of the world economy, with the raw material base - Africa will surely develop in the next time. The economic assistance issue is, however, its dangerous aspect, by means of which China is trying to gain the approval and confidence of the African continent. This is why the Chinese activities are monitored by other donors gathered in the Development Assistance Committee by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development that coordinates assistance granted by the most developed OECD countries. Entering a dialogue not only with Africa, but with China in particular, is becoming the most important issue of the economic assistance strategy of earlier donors originating in Europe and the United States. To preserve the influence in Africa, particularly that of the political character, which gradually effects in increased, however still not sufficient, respecting of human rights or creation of foundations of democratic societies in Africa, the DAC donors should focus on cooperation with China. Common actions against poverty that indispensably include backing of democracy and respecting of life will surely contribute to a success measured by the achievement of Millennium Development Targets to 2015. (original abstract)
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