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2004 | Regions in the Process of Changes | 41--62
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The EU an Restructuring of Coal Mining Areas : Potential Lessons from Old Industrial Areas in Britain for Upper Silesia

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This paper provides an empirical assessment of the UK coal regions that were restructured during the 1980s, highlighting the successes and shortfalls of the various programmes. The policy measures adopted, as well as funding mechanisms used to implement this restructuring, are also be discussed. The appropriateness of these solutions for a transition economy such as Poland are assessed. A case study methodology (related to the coal producing Silesian voivodeship) is used to consider this. This is based on semi-structured interviews with key actors in the Initiative and Initiative II programmes in Poland at national (the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) and regional (Silesian voivodeship) levels. The Inicjatywa (Initiative) schemes are designed to assist redundant coal miners (or their spouses) establish new businesses, as well as helping SMEs to create new jobs for former miners.(fragment of text)
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