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2010 | Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies of Companies in the European Market | 43--59
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Building relationship on healthcare market : Polish patient perspective

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The society, disposing of material and scientific capacities, being effected by various factors and applying innovations, creates progress (social, technological, organizational etc.) that decides about both the pace of social and economic developments well as levels of living standards and working conditions. Social development is therefore related to development of organization expressed by increase of its technical and quantity levels, quality growth of production, correctness of administration effectiveness, improvement of working conditions, increase of possessions. Social demand for various innovations systematically grows. Modern enterprises, to secure social needs, have to systematically trace and analyze trends of technological, organizational and managerial development, etc., as well as respond to innovation imperatives and react to changes. The point is that organizations should have possibility to create innovations in conformity with social needs and conditions should be formed for the quickest diffusion of innovations both in the scale of enterprise and macroeconomic one. The use of relational strategies in general practice, by modeling the relationship between practitioners and patients from a marketing perspective, could potentially lead to sustained high quality service being provided, and to more efficient use of resource.
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