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2010 | Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies of Companies in the European Market | 101--118
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Communication strategy and effects of nudity in advertising in Serbia

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The issue of the use of sexual appeals in advertising has been attracting attention of number of marketing scholars form many decades now. The field of research, however, is very broad and covers various cultural, ethical, psychological, and economics aspects. However , many doubts and concerns addressed in number of research studies have remained. Moreover, there is still a gap in marketing literature concerning various specific issues regarding the use of sexual appeals in advertising. For example, it is still uncertain whether the use of sexual appeals (which could be more or less explicit, both verbal and visual) in advertising generally evokes negative or positive feelings among potential consumers as well as whether this may lead to their negative or positive attitudes toward the advertised brand. Further, It is also not yet known how it may influence their purchase intention. The majority of studies focusing in the effects of the use sexual appeals in advertising have focused on lower levels of cognitions i.e. arousal recall and recognition as well as affective and cognitive reactions toward the ad and brand.
  • University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • University of Paul Verlaine-Metz, France
  • Czech University of Agriculture
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