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2009 | 1 | nr 1 | 1--7
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The Effects of National Culture on Corporate Lobbying in Brussels : an Exploratory Study

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This paper addresses the impact of national culture on the lobbying strategies of business associations that operate at the European Union level. Combining insights from research suggesting that organisations' strategic choices are in part determined by the cultural systems in which they are embedded with the broad literature on interest group politics, the paper predicts that (1) business associations socialised in corporatist systems will favour a collectivist and passive approach to lobbying whilst (2) business lobbyists socialised in pluralist systems will prefer to lobby European political decision makers alone, and will lobby the EU more competitively and aggressively than those socialised in corporatist systems. A programme of empirical research based on interviews with British and German trade associations is conducted to explore these predictions. The research findings are the opposite of what we had expected. These unexpected and surprising research results are discussed, and avenues for future research are proposed. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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