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2010 | 2 | nr 1 | 3--16
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Looking at the Link between Leadership, Organizational Learning and the Internationalization Sigmoid

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The article aims at pointing out the complex relationship between the leadership of a multinational enterprise (MNE), focus and importance of organizational learning in the context of a successful internationalization process. As the title suggests the paper presents the theoretical scaffold for the correlation between internationalization, MNE's leadership and organizational learning. Leadership's direction and vision from a learning organization perspective is looked as methodical and synthetic theoretical modes which are intersected. The results of such junction bring to the forefront the relationship between the degrees of voluntarism's subscribed to by an MNE's leaders and its impact upon a firm's international performance. The choice of organizational learning modalities are looked at through the ensuing decisions made by respective leaderships and results with regards to internationalization registered at: Mabuchi Motors, eBay, Whirlpool and Interbrew. Prolonging a firm's growth, viability and providing a continuum model for increasing its profits have been and will be the object of debate and research for many decades. Concluding and limitation points are also acknowledged. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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