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2010 | 2 | nr 2 | 18--35
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Internationalization of Family Businesses : a Theoretical Model Based on International Entrepreneurship Perspective

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Family Businesses account for a high percentage of firms in today's economy. One of the main problems firms have to face is the rise in the number and diversity of competitors. In this paper, we propose a global model designed to provide an understanding of the international entrepreneurship of family businesses, departing from an analysis of the theoretical contributions of two separate trends: International Entrepreneurship and the study of family businesses. This model is contrasted by the study of six cases of multinational family businesses throughout their lifetime. Two main elements stand out as determinants of international entrepreneurship for this type of firm: knowledge and family commitment. In addition to these two factors, the model includes other internal and external contingent variables. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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  • University of Seville, Spain
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