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2012 | nr 121 Developing of transportation flows in 21st century supply chains | 45--58
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Innovations and Changes in the Logistics Tasks Implementations

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Innovation and innovation processes in the modern world are not only the basis of modern economic growth strategy and business development, but also are treated as a concept and a solution in the competitive struggle. The structures of high-developed world economies continually move towards industry and services based on knowledge and experience. The knowledge-based economy has become the basis of the modern development. Innovation and innovation process are no longer perceived as separate events, but more often are treated as a complex of projects creating new products, patterns, technologies and services. The pace of technique, technology and organization changes makes only companies introducing innovative solutions able to survive in an increasingly competitive market. That is why nowadays most of the companies, including logistics companies are under pressure of innovations, which very often occur simultaneously in different fields (new products, new techniques and technologies, new ways of organization, new relations with partners, etc.). Vehicles modernization, green transport means construction and deploymentof new infrastructure simultaneously will create a synergistic effect by combining the features of all components. The comprehensive action is the only solution to achieve the desired aims. As a result, logistics processes will be more reliable, predictable and ecological as well as human errors will be minimized. The benefit of this innovative solutions will be noticed soon, especially in the big cities. The supply chains will be more efficient especially in the urban areas where logistics expectations are rising rapidly. Future vehicles supported by infrastructure will create the effect of the components interplay in the relation to the needs. The concepts of infrastructure HH, AHS and UAH are promising solutions which will be able to provide a comprehensive support for a new type of fleet in the logistics companies. These innovations will affect the evolution of logistics and transport services. To continue the development directions it is important to select the appropriate partners from the world of science, business, local and national authorities as it will guarantee the implementation of innovative solutions. As a result, innovation will give a new dimension of competition among logistics companies to be better, faster and more reliable trading partners. (fragment of text)
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