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2012 | nr 121 Developing of transportation flows in 21st century supply chains | 113--132
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Problems of Transportation Process Reliability Modelling

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In the presented paper, there have been discussed the main limitations of known modeling methods used in transport process reliability analysis. The problem is focused on use multi-phase system concept and the example of combined transport system was discussed. Analysis of reliability model of CT system indicates the possibilities of increasing the system availability but the obtained numerical results are still disappointing. The problem concerns the used input data - they are estimated for relatively old rail cars and locomotives and quite new and modern road cars. But, the sense of more detailed modeling of the transportation system is still restricted by uncertainty of the available data. Reliability data acquisition and analysis remains one of the general tasks to carry out. Thus, the presented paper can be the starting point of consideration about searching new analytical ways of real-life system performance estimation taking into account also the transportation process time parameters. (fragment of text)
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