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2013 | nr 149 La société de l'information : perspective européenne et globale : l'espace européen de l'information | 166--175
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The Idea of Smart Shopping - the Generation of Smart Consumers

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The tests made and the follow-authors of the paper shows that today's consumers are diverse both in terms of the needs, tastes and preferences. This thesis confirms the need for studies of consumer behavior, which, more often, especially in Poland, shows the characteristics of smart-shopping streets of the phenomenon. Hence, the acquisition of knowledge about them - the belief authors of the paper - should be regarded as an important source of information that allows for proper targeting of the actions of traders in the business of creating original models. Market analyzes indicate that the place of real opportunity for smart shoppers are Outlet centers. Their biggest advantage is that they give you the opportunity to buy more products than in the ordinary mall, for the same amount. Therefore, to create their own unique style should use the principles of smart shopping streets of. Thanks to them, the customer will save less, plus your time, and shopping will become more pleasant. The focus on the consumer and their needs is not, of course, any discovery or innovation, because from the beginning of the market economy, it is assumed that the focus of the company's consumer. The change in this case is a different behavior than previously known. new consumer, which we define as "smart-shopper", which is not limited as ever, just a simple meet their needs. This knowledge, as well as access to relevant sources of information about products or services (Internet, telephone, promotional newsletters, catalogs, etc.) may consciously and rationally so select the various offers that appear in the available sources of information. Described is characterized primarily by consumers more willing to experiment and take risks as compared to the rest of society. The result of this behavior is the low degree of loyalty and skeptical attitude to brands. In general, the consumer of this profile also knows his worth, knowing what he needs. Often, too (which is probably one of the most important for the national carried traders question) willingly loudly and publicly like to express their opinions on the purchased product structure - service. To conclude this brief discussion on the profile and behavior of modern consumers, which are only a background for further analysis presented in this paper studies consumer should be added that the behavior described entities also affects many other factors (both external and or internal). He writes about them many authors, indicating the various models of consumer behavior. They are, however, to develop only signaled, due to the limited requirements for the frame and Formal. In conclusion, it should be noted that the Smart shopping means shopping carefully, which are, on the one hand saves time, on the other hand saving Smart shopper, but a person who likes to look good, she knows about fashion and follows international trends. Do not confuse the smart shopper with a bargain hunter, because there are some differences. Smart shopper is a person who knowingly makes decisions about buying and know that it is worth taking the time to search for a particular thing. But it's not on the store in order to find the cheapest product. (original abstract)
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