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2013 | 6 | nr 12 | 9--30
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Horizontal inequity in the healthcare service in Poland : based on social diagnosis 2009 and 2011

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In policy and research the horizontal equity principle has received a lot of attention on the international arena. Even if the concept of "equal treatment for equal medical need, irrespective of other characteristics such as income, race, place of residence" is present in the Polish legal framework, its implementation into the healthcare system has not been researched so far. The objective of this study was to estimate whether there is a variation in the health care utilization patterns by income after standardizing for differences in the need for health care. The analysis was performed on available data collected from the frame of the Social Diagnosis 2009 and 2011. The inequity of access was measured by the horizontal inequity (HI) index. The decomposition method was applied to identify key drivers of inequity in healthcare services utilization. The results indicate inequity favouring the poor for free of charge contacts and pro rich distribution for both out-of-pocket and private healthcare insurance visits. Income was revealed to be a key driver of healthcare services utilization financed by private resources. (original abstract)
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