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1992 | nr 626 Technologia | 7--20
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Wpływ elektrostymulacji na wskaźniki oceny jakości i smakowitości mięśni wołów i buhajów : część 1 : wpływ elektrostymulacji na wskaźniki poubojowych zmian metabolicznych oraz wyróżniki sensoryczne (organoleptyczne) jakości mięsa wołów (kastratów bydlęcych)

Warianty tytułu
The Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Quality Indicators and Palatability Attributes of Muscles from Steers and Bulls : Part 1
Języki publikacji
W niniejszej części opracowania skoncentrowano uwagę na wpływie pośmiertnej (post mortem) ES (elektrostymulacji) na wskaźniki zmian metabolicznych i wskaźniki sensorycznej oceny jakości mięśni wołów. (fragment tekstu)
The author's intention was to present some of the current research regarding the effects of the electrical stimulation on lean quality indicators and palatability attributes of beef's different muscles from steers and bulls carcasses cold and/or hot boned, cooled and/or aged. In the Part I the attention was focussed on the effects of the ES on changes in the metabolic indicators and on quality-indicating characteristics of the steers' muscles. It has been reported that the ES accelerates post mortem glycolysis resulting in a rapid decline in pH majority of the muscles within 7 hours but it doesn't change ultimate pH of muscles. Metabolic changes occuring 2+12 hours p.m. proceede with greater speed in the ES carcasses sides than controls and muscles set in rigor mortis within 2 hours p.m. The high voltage ES decreases incidence of "heat-ring" and is more effective than low voltage ES in brightening of the muscle LD color and improving the panel sensory scores estimated 24 hours p.m. of the muscles maturity, marbling, firmness and texture. The ES has no significant influence on color up to 14 days of display of steaks from LD and SM muscles and the ES coupled with hot boning has tended to minimize color differences between hot boned and control samples. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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