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2008 | 13 | nr 1 | 3--19
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Labour Productivity Ratio and International Comparison of Economic Performance : Formalization of the PPP Theory and Preliminary Examinations

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The ratio of labour productivity Q is simply arrived at as real GDP per unit of labourer compensations. The last variable denotes the sum of all compensation parts, but in its disposable value. This value arises as total compensation less the part taken off by taxes for salaries in the public sector. Thus, the ratio Q determines the number of real GDP money units generated by one unit of disposable compensations. The ratio is clearly determined and can essentially explain some economic issues including, among others, the nature of the exchange rate. The ratio is simple by definition but complicated in computation since it should express GDP as seen by the market, per unit of disposable earnings of working people. (fragment of text)
Opis fizyczny
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