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2004 | 11 | nr 1 | 18--35
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Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy during Slovenia's Transition

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The economic crisis in Yugoslavia at the end of the 1980s, Slovenia's abrupt departure from the disintegrating Balkan federation in mid-1991, and the new republic's commitment to transform its property and market institutions to conform to those of western European capitalism presented a formidable task for the new and independent Republic of Slovenia in 1991. The immediate tasks, as we have noted previously, were the creation of an independent national monetary system, restructuring the banking and financial institutions, controlling hyperinflation which peaked at over 200% in 1992, drastically reorienting trade away from the collapsing Yugoslav market towards Western Europe, raising investment and combating sharply rising unemployment as Slovenia proceeded, albeit slowly, to dismantle its socialist self-management economic system - all without disrupting the somewhat fragile political system and social harmony. The problems the new country faced, therefore, were both macroeconomic, stabilizing and growing the economy, and microeconomic, restructuring, reorienting, privatising and downsizing the industrial economy. (fragment of text)
Opis fizyczny
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