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2012 | nr 5(15) | 112
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The Rising Dragon and Wounded Bear Analysis of Modern Sino-Russian Political and Economic Relations

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Na podstawie ostatnich wydarzeń i aktualnych danych zanalizowano współczesne chińsko-rosyjskie stosunki gospodarcze i polityczne.
This thesis is both theoretical and empirical analysis of modern Sino-Russian Economic and Political Relations based on the past events and present data. This issue has been an important question for many scholars recently. Both countries became neighbors only in the 17th century but history of their mutual relations is much deeper. In a times when China is rising and its position in world's affair is getting stronger, analysis of its foreign policy towards its neighbor is extremely interesting. The other side of the fence, once world great power, is loosing its importance in the world stage: its actions may be important for worldwide community. Theoretical part of this thesis covers review of the Theories of International Relations, its short history as well as those relevant for Sino-Russian Relations (Clash of Civilizations Theory, Theory of Dependency). It also explains the difference between Chinese and Russian Communism. The latter part presents short history of both nations interactions from the ancient times up to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Empirical analysis covers political relations, connections and ties in present times. It also explains some cultural obstacles in a hard way to achieve equilibrium in the relations. The part which covers economic relations tries to prove, that the trade imbalance is in China's favor and that common border issues are extremely important for both countries. Last but nor least the importance of energy cooperation and the obstacles in building common pipeline are covered. (original abstract)
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