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2009 | Procesy globalizacji internacjonalizacji i integracji w warunkach współczesnej gospodarki światowej.Tom 2 | 317--329
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The europeisation of the Polish defense industrial base -the boundaries of an innovative growth.

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In this short research paper we analyze one set of polish defense industry called here the Polish defense technological and industrial base because it is at least formally a part of the European Defense Technological and Industrial Base [EDTIB]. Looking by the lens of the ownership structure we can differentiate four subsets as follows: private firms, state-owned enterprise corporatized acting under the rules of the Commercialization and Privatization Act state- owned enterprise acting under the rules of the State Enterprise Act military enterprises doing business as a part of the Polish Armed Forces without legal personality as budgetary entities. The aim of analysis is to understand the inner workings of real firms in Polish DTIB especially those under control of the Polish Ministry of National Defense in the context of europeisation and consolidations in relations with denationalization of ownership structure. We analyze also differences of consolidations processes by using merge and acquisition transactions and process of shifting of ownership rights from the State Treasury to state-owned companies without the free cash flow transfer. Next, we tty to find out what is responsiveness of those companies for innovations issues and what limits the boundaries of expansion or getting bigger the Polish defense firms but here appears new question, a defense firm what it is? (fragment tekstu)
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