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2014 | nr 2 | 79--103
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Exploring Linkages Between the Common Agricultural Policy and Food Security In the Mediterranean Region

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The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) remains a central component of the internal policy of the European Union (EU). However, the CAP has long been criticised for its damaging effects on developing country agriculture. This paper attempts to explore the linkages between the CAP and food security in the Mediterranean region with a specific focus on southern and eastern Mediterranean countries. Even if EU's food security at short run is not threatened, the real food security challenge affects the poor and smallholders in developing countries including the Mediterranean ones. The CAP should respond to this challenge by promoting an open and stable trade regime for agricultural products. A major step would be the removal of its own agricultural tariffs and all subsidies that are not efficiently targeted at clearly defined public goods. This should be accompanied by additional support for enhancing agricultural productivity and food security in developing countries.(fragment of text)
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