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2013 | 42 | nr 3 | 627--637
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Passivity-based Optimal Control of Discrete-time Nonlinear Systems

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In this paper, a passivity-based optimal control method for a broad class of nonlinear discrete-time systems is proposed. The resulting control law is a static output feedback law which is practically preferred with respect to the state feedback law and is simple to implement. The control law has a general structure with adjustable parameters which are tuned, using an optimization method (genetic algorithm), to minimize an arbitrary cost function. By choosing this cost function it is possible to shape the transient response of the closed-loop system, as it is desirable. An illustrative ex ample shows the effectiveness of the proposed approach. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • Shiraz University of Technology, Iran
  • Shiraz University of Technology, Iran
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