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2014 | 2 | 429--438
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Meta-optimization method for wavelet-based damage identification in composite structures

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The damage identification problem is one of crucial problems during operation of machines' elements made of polymeric composites. Therefore the appropriate non-destructive techniques should be developed in order to detect and identify the damages with the best possible accuracy. Moreover, such methods should be applicable in various testing conditions. One of the intensively developed directions in non-destructive damage assessment is the methods based on wavelet analysis of modal shapes of vibration applied for a tested structure. The effectiveness of an algorithm is strongly dependent on the type of applied wavelet and its parameters. The proposed approach uses a combination of the wavelet-based damage identification algorithm with multi-objective meta-optimization in order to select optimal parameters of applied wavelets and determine a front of optimal non-dominated solutions, based on which the operator can choose the desired accuracy of damage identification with respect to the suitable computation time.(original abstract)
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