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2014 | 2 | 669--677
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3D model reconstruction and evaluation using a collection of points extracted from the series of photographs

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This work describes the whole process of 3D model reconstruction. It begins with the representation of the method that is used to find the matching between photographs and the methodology to use the data to form the initial structure of the reconstructed model, represented by a point cloud. As a next stage, a refinement process is performed, using the bundle adjustment method. A set of stereovision methods is used later on to find a more detailed solution. Those algorithms use pairs of images, therefore as a prerequisite a set of routines that aggregates those results is studied. The paper is concluded with a description of how the point cloud is processed, including the surface reconstruction, to form the result. The described methodology is illustrated with reconstructions of three series of professional photographs from a public repository and one series of amateur photographs created especially for this work. The results were evaluated by the proposed area matching and contour matching measures.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
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