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2001 | 8 | nr 1 | 36--56
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E-Commerce for Development: Prospects and Policy Issues

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What have we learned about the potential that ICT and e-commerce hold for poor countries? While the danger of hyperbole looms large, e-commerce does present real opportunities to small entrepreneurs in developing countries. The paper has first sought to identify the main channels through which these can be realised. At present, the evidence of real benefits is scattered and anecdotal, and the obstacles to affordable access are still formidable. The past, however, is not an especially reliable guide to the future in this domain: as a matter of fact, even in OECD countries profitable e-commerce businesses are still few and far between. The benefits of the Internet are subject to network externalities, but with a strong local bias. As the local user community grows, the incentive to develop local content and support services grows correspondingly, and this should in turn induce still greater local use. Thus, even if current usage rates in many developing countries are orders of magnitude lower than in OECD countries, the picture could change quite rapidly. (fragment of text)
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