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2014 | 15 | nr 4 | 501--524
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A General Class of Mean Estimators Using Mixture of Auxiliary Variables for Two-Phase Sampling in the Presence of Non-Response

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In this paper we have proposed a general class of estimators for two-phase sampling to estimate the population mean in the case when non-responses occur at the first phase. Furthermore, several continuous and categorical auxiliary variable(s) have been simultaneously used while constructing the class. Also, it is assumed that the information on all auxiliary variables is not available for population, which is often the case. The expressions of the mean square error of the suggested class have been derived and several special cases of the proposed class have been identified. The empirical study has also been conducted. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • University of Gujrat, Pakistan
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