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2015 | 8 | nr 1 | 127--146
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Logistical System Fortschrittzahlen in the Management of the Supply Chain of a Multi-functional Grain Cooperative

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In the article features of implementing one of types of "pulling" logistical system Fortschrittzahlen in management of a cooperative grain chain have been provided. The status of the cooperative elevator has been identified as a focus line of this chain in accordance with parameters of SCOR-model. Author's methodology of realization FZ concept in multifunctional grain cooperative based on linear programming method has been processed. Differentiated system of qualitative-quantitative variables in the context of agro-technical periods, agricultural crops and farming enter- prises has been suggested. A complex of author's limitations for the economical-mathematical model of the task has been developed. Formulas for describing limitations concerning costs on cooperative elevator services, number of orders for daily processing, time of produce storing without drying, probability of a high demand and selling price of produce have been introduced. Typical model of logistical management in multifunctional grain cooperative has been grounded. The processed model at developing the program of supplying produce by farms to an elevator in conditions of a certain cooperative has been approved. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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