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2015 | nr 4 | 54--64
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Application of Internet of Things in Logistics - Current Challenges

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In this paper, some aspects of modern logistics related to the Internet of Things technology were studied. Internet of Things can overcome shortcomings of some areas of logistics, for example monitoring, production management, efficiency of logistics operations, information, exchange and communication, modeling supply chains, intelligent information collection and security. This paper describes some principles and characteristics of Internet of Things, and briefly discusses the application of it in modern logistics. Logistics has come to a new stage with the development of Internet of Things technology. The current application areas and future prospects of this technology are analyzed in this paper. Difficulties encountered in the implementation show that the IoT technology needed to be further improved. However, despite many difficulties, experts believe that the key are not problems of costs, standards and techniques, but the formation of a profitable business model in the logistics industry. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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