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2014 | nr 4 | 99--120
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Quid pro Quo: Dependent Relative Revocation and Quixotic Military Dis-encirclement

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International agreements and legitimate expectations must be clear, must be enforced. Unless an international agreement is enforced punctiliously, it is a sham. Agreements that the West and most of the rest of the world believed governed the boundaries of the Ukrainian Republic seem to have been ignored, at least from 2014, particularly by the Russian Federation with impunity. So also does the Sino-British Joint Declaration that governs legitimate expectations of the people of Hong Kong following its "turn over" or "return" to China seem to be in the process of becoming ignored. Changes in life at every turn must be foreseen. Each action provokes reaction. In the relations of nations, a "quid pro quo" is a legitimate expectation in the 21st century. From the Doctrine of Dependent Relative Revocation (DRR) we may justify the substitution or even the withdrawal of terms and conditions pertinent to any given agreement when parties thereto have relied to their detriment in performing their own duties without reciprocation. This argument applies to Hong Kong and Ukraine and to other locations worldwide. If it is necessary or expedient for the Russian Federation to invade and occupy the Crimean Peninsula or other regions of Eastern Ukraine, it is equally necessary and desirable to return Königsberg to Germany and Western Ukraine to Poland. If it is undesirable for China to honor in principle the legitimate expectation of the Hong Kong citizenry to universal suffrage with full and fair election of their chief executive, then Hong Kong Island and Kowloon that were ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity should be returned to the United Kingdom, especially if this is the wish of the people of Hong Kong expressed in an internationally supervised election much as the United Kingdom offered recently to Scotland but failed to provide to Hong Kong.(fragment of text)
Opis fizyczny
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