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2015 | nr 24 | 29--48
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Remembering Mancur Olson : and Auld Lang Syne

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It was in late September 1955 that Mancur Olson introduced himself. In the Porter's entry lodge of our Oxford College (University College, Oxford, or to Oxonians affectionately, and hereafter, "Univ." he asked whether I had rooms in College or was living in "digs." "College," I mumbled because I had no idea what "digs" meant, having been in Oxford not more than a day. His speech and manner seemed so British I was astonished to learn that he had arrived in Oxford only a year before, and from North Dakota, a State neighboring my own. It would be twenty years before I would learn that he claimed his ever so slowly mellowing English accent to be not foreign to him at all but something regional or local from home. Twenty years also before I would think to ask the meaning of "Mancur" - thinking it might be Norwegian and after hearing so many say "Mankur," which never seemed to bother him. "From the Arabic" he told me, "meaning 'Victorious'." (fragment of text)
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