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2015 | 5 | 343--354
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Approach to Building a Web-based Expert System Interface and Its Application for Software Provisioning in Clouds

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This paper focuses on a generalized approach to providing user interface to a web-based expert system (WBES). We examine MVC and MVP design patterns used traditionally to construct a web application user interface. In order to leverage the strength of the MVC/MVP design patterns we propose a special ontology representing a user communication domain. We describe a self-service networked infrastructure for automatic deployment of command line interface (CLI) applications. We demonstrate how to apply the proposed ontology for the design of a WBES aimed at supporting client software re-execution in clouds. In particular, we address the problems existing in the area of software development for music information retrieval algorithms implementation.(original abstract)
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Opis fizyczny
  • Institute of Computing and Control Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University St. Petersburg, Russia
  • St. Petersburg Software Center Motorola Solutions Inc., Russia
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