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2015 | 5 | 1403--1413
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Critical Success Factors for Implementing Supply Chain Management Systems - The Perspective of Selected German Enterprises

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The aim of our study was to provide a contribution to the research field of critical success factors (CSFs) with a focus on SCM system implementations. Therefore, we conducted a systematic literature review in order to identify CSFs for those projects. On the basis of that review, we conducted interviews within German large-scale enterprises and with consultants experienced with SCM system implementations. As a result, we showed that all the factors found in the literature also affected the success of SCM projects in the studied companies. Additionally, we were able to identify six further CSFs with the interview study. However, within those SCM projects, technological factors gained more importance compared to those factors which influence the success of ERP projects the most. For SCM projects, factors like Data migration, as well as SCM system tests, are even more important than Top management support or Project management, which are the most important factors for ERP projects.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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  • Technische Universität Dresden
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