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2015 | 6 | 237--246
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A Unified Distributed Computing Framework with Mobile MultiAgent Systems and Virtual Machines for Large-Scale Applications: From the Internet-of-Things to Sensor Clouds

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A novel and unified design approach for reliable distributed and parallel data processing in wide-area and largescale networks consisting of high- and of low-resource nodes (ranging from generic computers to microchips) using mobile agents is introduced. The development of sensor clouds of the future integrated in daily use computing environments and the Internet is enabled. Agents can migrate between different hardware and software platforms by migrating the program code of the agent, embedding the state and the data of an agent, too. Agent mobility crossing different execution platforms, agent interaction by using tuple-space databases, and agent code reconfiguration enable the design of reliable distributed sensor and information processing networks. The Agent Processing Platform exists in hardware (microchip level), software (embedded system), and simulation. This works adds a JavaScript implementation including client-side browser applications. All implementations are compatibility on operational and communication level. A graph-linked multi-broker service and a distributed coordination layer are established for this platform class to provide service ports and the access of the agent platform from the outside in browser applications, which can usually only act as clients and are usually hidden by a private network and firewalls. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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