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2015 | nr 17 | 30--40
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Cluster format for arranging and implementing industrial policy

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The article investigates cluster approach to arrange economic policy in world countries. Cluster implication is discussed as a formation with its specifics and main characteristics. Cluster policy contents, essence, goals, types and differences are reviewed. Practical implementation of cluster policy in leading European countries is researched; problems and achieved results are determined. The problem of identifying and building up cluster formations is debated. Challenges and prospects for creating territorial clusters are determined together with cluster policy implementation in Ukraine as well as public and regional policy in supporting clusters' development is reviewed. The article proves that public authority bodies' activities in the sphere of cluster model implementation for Ukrainian industry development should be directed on activating the government role in cluster formation on the basis of public-private partnership as well as on creating favorable macro-economic, information and legal-regulatory environment to develop cluster-type business networks. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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