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1989 | nr 182 Papers on spatial economy | 5--15
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In What Measure Is Urban Ecology a Biological Science?

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The point of departure of the discussion was the Author's introductory paper "What is urban ecology" and its final proposal in the form of the famous "cake of biology" of E. P. Odum - showing the situation of ecology within biology and intended to start further considerations and discussion. These considerations are substantiated by numerous quotations and excerpts from different papers and books (as contained in the prepared "Materials of the Conference" and especially during the October 18-th session). The discussion started with a recapitulation of the conclusions of the Author's paper, visualizing the place of urban ecology in the "cake of biology", Urban ecology is seen as a part of human ecology. This human ecology is discerned as a taxonomic division of the material object of biology into life forms represented by Man, animals, plants and other forms. The "cake" visualizes equally, that human ecology is essentially a synthetical science - a synecology - but is dependant upon a basis considered to be an analytical fundamental science-autecology. (fragment of text)
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