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1989 | nr 182 Papers on spatial economy | 16--34
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The Locational Value of Urban Area versus the Process of Changes in Land Use of a City

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Changes in the land use in an urban region which accompany town development result, on the one hand, from the necessity of settling a growing population and, on the other hand, from the wish to assure: 1) a high standard of living for the town's population; and 2) spatial efficiency of the development structure under changing technological conditions. Determined in this way, the spatial goals of the process cause its discontinuity in time. The intensity of the process of changes in the land use in a town depends on the rate of the population growth, changes in the technology of production, transport and construction, and also on the accepted model of consumption. These are exogenous factors usually independent of the towns characteristics. They determine the demand, for as well as the size of the needs for areas for particular town functions. Accelerated growth of the countryside's economy, an advantageous economic situation and investment booms connected with this, as well as a rapid flow of immigrants will obviously cause acceleration of the process. However the impact of changes introduced in the technology of transport, town communication, industrial output or the housing industry is not so univocal. These can cause either an increase of demand for building sities or a decline in demand. In recent years much of the literature has stressed the phase character of the city development process and of changes in land use connected with subsequent concentration and deconcentration of spatial development. (fragment of text)
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