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2014 | 2 | nr 4 | 21--27
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Micromorphological study (ultrastructure of lamina surface, seeds, ultrasculpture of pollen grains) of Gladiolus L. species (Iridaceae Juss.) of Ukrainian flora

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Micro-morphological characteristics of the four Gladiolus L. species of the Ukrainian flora (G. imbricatus L., G. italicus Mill., G. palustris Gaudin and G. tenuis M. Bieb.) as regards leaves, seeds and pollens are presented with this investigation in a detailed way. An examination of the surface structure of the leaves, seeds and pollen grains of the Gladiolus species indicates that the characteristics of the ultrastructure of leaves and of pollen grains are not diagnostic for distinguishing species, but they could be important at genus level (leaves: features such as being amphistomatic, having the same quantity of immersed stomata on both surfaces and having a high stomata index, the presence and localisation of papillae, the shape of epidermal cells; pollen grains: monosulcate type with two operculums). However, the type of surface ultrastructure of the seed coat is a diagnostic feature as at genus level so for species. It can be mentioned that propose the use of features such as the shape and position of the cicatricle, the type of cuticle, the shape and boundaries of cells of testa, and the anticlinal cell walls as diagnostic features at genera level. The shape of seeds, the presence and disposition of wing, the level of the periclinal cell walls of the seed coat and types of relief are additional diagnostic features for distinguishing of Gladiolus species(original abstract)
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Opis fizyczny
  • ational Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • National Taras Schevchenko University of Kyiv, Ukraine
  • North-West University, Potchefstroom, Republic of South Africa
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  • 10 Aug 2014
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