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2017 | nr 1(22) | 76--82
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Weight Loss by Municipal Solid Waste Oversize Fraction During Long-Term Storage in Bales

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A common technique of waste storage includes its pressing into bales and protection through bales wrapping with polyethylene foil. In moderate climate, when the total annual precipitation insignificantly exceeds evaporation, the stored waste may, however, dry out successively which leads to its weight loss. A 12-month study was undertaken with the aim to investigate the effect of bale protection method on waste weight loss and to determine the weight loss rate. To this end, 130 bales of waste were produced from the oversize fraction separated from municipal wastes, including 65 wired bales non-covered with LDPE film (W) and 65 wired bales wrapped in LDPE film (W+C). The study demonstrated the greatest weight loss in the first 4 months. The average rate of weight loss reached 1.3 kg/d in the case of W bales and 1.08 kg/d in the case of W+C bales. After 12 months of storage, the final weight loss reached 23.2% for W bales and 22.0% for W+C bales, whereas moisture content decreased from ca. 30.0% to 19.8% in W bales and to 18.2% in W+C bales. A strong correlation was demonstrated between the change of waste weight in bales and the change of waste moisture content. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
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  • PN-93/Z-15006: Oznaczenie składu morfologicznego odpadów komunalnych.
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