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2015 | 8 | nr 22 | 113--126
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Waste of internationalisation potential : why some firms that could easily do it do not expand abroad?

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According to Ansoff 's model of growth every firm is established on a local market and over time broadens its activity, either developing a broad portfolio of products, or gradually covering the whole territory of a country with its sales. If all the opportunities of diversification strategy and market development strategy are exploited, the next natural step in a firm's development is internationalisation. The basic requirement for successful internationalisation is attainment of the internationalisation potential. However, not all the firms successfully reaching the appropriate potential enter foreign markets. Some of the firms deliberately stick to the domestic market. The purpose of the article is to ponder over the possible reasons of such behaviour and to propose in-depth research on that. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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