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2017 | nr 1 | 35--42
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Visualisation of the Results of Sequence Analysis with the Use of Sankey Diagrams, Based on Prevalence Analysis of Selected Medical Problems in the Years 2013-2015 in Poland

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Introduction. The goal of the study is to assess the usefulness of Sankey model in the analysis of healthcare phenomena. Material and methods. Sequence analysis and Sankey model generation was based on the data provided to the National Health Fund in the years 2013-2015 for the following diseases defined by the following ICD-10 codes: C50.% - malignant neoplasm of breast; G35 - multiple sclerosis; B18.2, B17.1 - chronic hepatitis C. The reported data concerned all types of services provided by the public payer. Results. The analysis was conducted for: C50.% - 3.26 million data records, for 236.6 thousand patients; G35 - 110 thousand data records, for 23.9 thousand patients; B18.2, B17.1 - 1,1 million data records, for 100 thousand patients. Sequence analysis and the generated Sankey diagrams indicate that paths taken by patients in the health care system are varied and are strictly conditional on the medical problem. Conclusion. Sequence analysis, and in particular the diagram-based visualisation of its results enables the assessment of event sequences and their size (number). The analysis of data obtained from actual clinical practice enables obtaining more credible results which may form the correct basis for decision-making.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • Medical University of Lodz, Poland
  • Medical University of Lodz, Poland
  • Dane i Analizy
  • University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
  • Medical University in Lodz, Poland
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  • 20 June 2008 Regulation of the Minister of Health on the scope of necessary information collected by service providers, detailed method of recording such information and its provision to entities required to finance the services from public funds (Dz.U. of 2016, 192 as amended) [Polish].
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