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2017 | 3 | nr 1 | 103--110
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Sustainable Landscape Management Based on Cultural Ecosystem Services

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To sustain cultural ecosystem services and cultural heritage it is important to go in depth in the science policy interface, because efficient governance mechanisms emerge from the cooperation of scientists and practitioners. In the Basque Country, we are on the road towards adaptive and resilient landscape management through an integrative approach that enhances the link between science, policy-making and society. Key elements of this approach are: The establishment from the outset of a transdisciplinary community of practice; the creation of specific transdisciplinar working groups to go in depth with concrete applicability measures; a strong outreach strategy and educational programs development; and last but not least, the involvement of stakeholders at multiple stage of the process. Diverse research lines are carried out during the process (e.g. mapping ecosystems services, analyzing social perceptions), whose results are combined to help identify response options for sustainable landscape. Relevant policy implementations of the results of this broad research are already taking place in the Basque Country. The proved utility of this working mechanism makes key agents to continue involved, and to attract more agents into the process. These transdisciplinary processes facilitate the creation of synergies and win-win solutions towards sustainable management of cultural ecosystem services. (original abstract)
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  • University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • University of the Basque Country, Spain
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