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2016 | Vol. 14, z. 6 The European Neighbourhood Policy: FDI, democratization, prospects | 49--69
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The European Neighbourhood Policy and FDI: the Southern Dimension

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This paper addresses three intertwined questions: (i) to what extent the East-Central European (CEE) model of transformation can be emulated elsewhere, e.g. in countries of the Eastern Dimension (EDCs) of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP); (ii) if prospects of completing transformation exist; (iii) to what extent ENP can be conducive in this regard. To this end, first, the model of transformation in the CEEC countries is described; a synthetic, comparative analysis of transformation results in the CEEs and EDCs follows. Third, fundamental determinants of transformation in the EDCs are discussed. Finally, challenges to and prospects of reaching the 'critical mass' of transformation in the EDCs are highlighted.(original abstract)
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