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2017 | t. 18, z. 8, cz. 1 Logistyka w naukach o zarządzaniu. Część 1 | 23--36
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Innovations in Logistics and Supply Chains in the Light of the Global Patenting Activity

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Innovative activity in the sphere of logistics and supply chains carried out by many entities is reflected in the registered patents and in the commercialization of the results of basic and applied research. Observation of these activities can reveal the direction of further evolution of logistics and supply chain transformation. Business patents portfolios or R&D activities, including those supported by public funds reveal what the main actors in the innovation market see as technological gaps in the sphere of logistics and supply chain. It also unveils their patented (protected in the form of patent) solutions that are currently available - initially as high-capacity solutions and as a market standard in the near future. The analysis of patent activity between 2006 and 2016 covered by PATENTSCOPE® database reflects the dominance of IT technologies in the field of logistics and supply chains. Additionally, it confirms the performance of Chinese innovations policy in the logistics and supply chain solutions patenting. Further research can deepen the view from this explorative study particularly to reveal the main applicants' profiles and their patent portfolios. (original abstract)
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