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2018 | z. 1 (47) | 57--64
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Market Participation and Food Security of Cassava Farmers in Rural South West Nigeria

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Gaining better market access is a concern to smallholder farmers in Africa. This study analyzed the market participation and food security among cassava farmers in South West Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling was employed in the selection of respondents. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Foster-Greer-Thorbecke (FGT) indices, and Tobit and logit regression models. The extent of market participation among the farmers was found to be 0.56 ±0.13. The level of education, off-farm income source, membership of an association, years of experience, access to market information, age and transportation costs significantly influenced the extent of market participation. At the food insecurity line of NGN 20,132.20 per annum, 61.53% of cassava farmers were food insecure. Food insecurity is significantly affected by the extent of market participation, gender, access to credit, off-farm income source, yield, household size, primary occupation, household income and access to market information. Therefore, the government and other stakeholders should devote attention to factors that increase market participation and food security among the farmers. In Nigeria, the cassava transformation project should not be limited to the provision of improved production technologies but needs to be extended to storage and marketing strategies in order to provide the farmers with some guidance on how to deal with market glut. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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