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2018 | 6 | nr 4 | 91--100
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Factors Determining Households' Preferences Regarding Flood Risk Transfer Instruments

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Aim: The purpose of the study is to examine flood risk transfer instruments, such as flood insurance, from the households' perspective in order to determine households' preferences concerning the design and the features of these instruments as well as to indicate factors influencing and shaping these preferences. Design / test methods: The paper presents the outcomes of the social research revealing households preferences towards dealing with flood risk. The research was preceded by the scientific literature review of the theories and heuristics which could be relevant for decision making in the flood hazard proximity. The research, based on semi-structured interviews and questionnaires, was performed in the area of three river basins in Poland, namely: the Upper Narew river basin, the Lower Warta river basin and the Soła river basin. The research areas were chosen based on their geographical, economic and socio-cultural diversity in order to include these factors into analysis. Conclusions: Households preferences regarding flood risk transfer instruments are influenced by the households attitudes towards risk (level of risk aversity) and the perception of the level of flood hazard determined mostly by the past experiences. Originality / value of the paper: The original and primary research presented in the paper delivers the outcomes in terms of elicited households' preferences regarding flood risk transfer instruments and identified factors influencing these preferences.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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