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2019 | z. 133 Management in Industry and Services | 31--41
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Deconstructing the Barriers of Thought - the Need for Embeddedness of Education and Business

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The need to match education and business goals is an endeavour and a challenge for any educational institution, especially for higher education institutions. This challenge has become an important focus over the last decades due to the claimed relationship between education and innovation as well as the potential for economic development. The biggest challenge seems to be to overcome the barriers of thought and objectives that exist between the two worlds of education and business. Indeed, although many attempts and programmes are being developed almost all over the world to bridge these two realities, many clashes and disillusions exist. For different reasons, this issue is viewed almost exclusively from the academic perspective, with the entrepreneurial perspective being completely absent. Based on the experience of both the academic and business worlds, the authors commence this contribution by analysing the causes of this mismatch of interests. They conclude by presenting some possible solutions for improving this misalignment.(original abstract)
  • Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Portugal
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