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2015 | nr 4, CD 2 | 2977--2983
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Analysis of Vehicle System Dynamics by Means of Computer Simulation

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Computer simulations are up to date often utilized tool in the design, diagnostics of vehicles behaviour and characteristics evaluation. The vehicle multibody system represents a complicated mechanical system. For purposes of vehicle modelling, analysis and evaluation of vehicle behaviour there are state of the art tools. The Department of Transport and Handling Machines disposes with the modern software tools, that allow modelling and simulating complex vehicle multibody systems. This paper is aimed to the vehicle modelling, analysing and ride properties evaluation by means of computer simulation. There have been performed analysis for ride properties evaluation. The vehicle has been run on the model of a real track. There have been evaluated quantities, which the most influence on the vehicle behaviour and on the safe of the vehicle running.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • University of Žilina
  • University of Žilina
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