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2008 | Performance Measurement in Public Organisations: the Theory and the Practice of the Health Care Sector | 93--107
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Increasing the Effectiveness of the Health Care Entities by Effective Quality Management

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In the last decade there was significant change in the image of public sphere observed. Public entities - achieving given objectives described as crucial ones for the social-economic development - changed the way of their acting by, decreasing administration and enhancing active management (Kieżun, 2002). We can see these changes pąrticuląrly strongly in the health care sector, where the market economy is more ąnd more influencing the way of managing health care entities. Although there can be found ascertainment in the literature that health care sector is influenced by economic mechanisms (Barr, 1994), in fact this is happening only in some scope and in some specific way. Its economical and organisational efficiency is a consequence of not only market managing ąctivity, but also effects to meet the demands of various shareholders what is very hard and difficult to obtain (Fitzroy, Hubert, 2005; Bryson, 2004). Therefore there are conducted analyses (in a scientific and practical sphere) aiming at elaborating economical and managing mechanisms focusing on the balance between quantitative and qualitative side of need for health care services. On the one hand, too strong market mechanism can lead to huge limitations in service accessibility, but on the other hand too strong national state intervention can lead to sources waste (Frączkiewicz-Wronka, 2006). (fragment of text)
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