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2019 | 10 | nr 2 | 3--17
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Manager's Role and Skills in Design Management in the Organization

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the undertaken literature review regarding the extent to which analysis and research on design management and design managerial skills have been carried out so far. Methodology/approach: A literature review is presented along with several types of management as possible solutions to restraining the problem of introducing design to the organization as a way to develop the organization's innovative activities.Findings: The paper presents design as a type of organization activity important from the point of view of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises. The essence of design and its role in innovative processes are described. Design management and the role of design managers were characterized. Managerial skills necessary for the adequate implementation of design activities in the organization were also shown. The above considerations were based on the literature review.Implications/limitations either for future research, for practice, or for society: Most of the studies are based on research conducted years ago. The topic of design management returns in busi-ness practice, but there is little research on this topic in modern enterprises. Especially rarely, these topics apply to small and medium-sized enterprises that could benefit a lot from the implementation of design management.Originality/value of the paper: The paper begins with an overview of the role of the design in the innovation processes and then moves on to the implementation of design management. The author then proposes several categories of the managerial skills required for design activities in the organizations and presents their importance for the innovation activities in the organization.(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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