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2020 | 8 | nr 1 | 67--81
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Development of an Effective Planning Model for Improving Financial Performance

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Mastering business processes indicates a well-developed system of planning and analysis, as well as management activities that define the direction and pace of activity, and thus evaluate the efficiency of the change process. Hence, planning and business analysis are the parts which control functions that are integrated into an entire business process, the realisation of which depends on the synchronisation and performance process, which is the main subject of this paper. Given this fact, the aim of this paper is to propose a model that will seek to integrate all major segments of the planning process by means of its structure in order to achieve multiple benefits for an industrial enterprise through synergy. The survey covered executives of all levels, from top management, to managers of business units, to a number of workers from shared services and manufacturing - a total of 60 employees. The paper emphasises the fact that a carefully designed planning system which covers all important segments of the process will result in modelling business and management processes, which will direct business operations and results towards accomplishing the defined goals of industrial enterprises. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
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