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2019 | 10 | nr 1(19) | 105--134
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South Africa: Economic and Social Aspects of Sustainable Development

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South Africa remains a unique example of a country that underwent complex political, economic and social transformation within a short period of time. The most advanced and industrialised economy on the continent, the only member of G20, it is also a state of deep inequalities, where white minority has preserved vast political and economic privileges, while black majority suffers from poverty and dies prematurely from killer diseases. It is also a country of contradictions: despite its long and recent history of racial segregation and inequality, the degree of social cohesion remains surprisingly high. The purpose of the article is to discuss the challenges and achievements of South African transition based on the ambitious SDGs' framework in two subfields: economic and social one. This is done through a descriptive analysis based on literature review, enriched by statistical data(original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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