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2020 | 13 | nr 3 | 41--58
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The European Union and the United Arab Emirates as Civilian and Soft Powers Engaged in Sustainable Development Goals

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The article analyses the European Union (EU) - as European international organisation and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - the only federal state in the Arab World as civilian and soft powers, strongly active to reach the UN 2030 Agenda. The ambitious projects, as well as actions, strategies, and visions of this international entity for reaching Sustainable Development Goals, should be analysed due to its impact on the international environment and emerging new international relations architecture. The author carried out research using primarily descriptive and analytical methods. To this end, rich source material, such as documents, strategies, and statements has been tested. In findings, the article presents the EU and the UAE as civilian and soft powers, its projects, and their implementation, including the green economy program, the energy strategies, and initiatives related to climate changes, humanitarian aid as well as in favour for peace, security, and tolerance. This research in conclusion demonstrates the role and significance of Sustainable Development Goals for the European Union as well as the United Arab Emirates strengthening power in the international arena. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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